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The history of Phlux: It's a long and convoluted tale that began when brothers Clint and Cody Phipps started the three-piece rock band Phlux in 1993.

"We had a very musically diverse beginning; Mike (Murphy, the original drummer) liked jazz and rap, Clint liked heavy metal, and I liked blues and rock," says guitarist/vocalist Cody. "We'd all been playing [music] since we could barely stand up and when we first played together we just connected. We grew to respect all forms of music; the initial diversity of our musical influences was one reason we chose the name Phlux."

"There were several reasons we named our band Phlux," says bassist/vocalist Clint. "Probably the overriding factor was that the word 'flux', which means 'a continuous state of change.' That definition perfectly describes our constantly changing music. Even from one show to the next our songs change, no two performances are the same. We replaced the 'f' with 'ph' because we all had 'ph' in our last names."

In '94, Phlux traveled to Portland to compete against other high school rock in the Maine Musician's Association/Reindeer Records Rock-Off. After successfully ascending to the semi-finals Phlux was judged one of the top five young bands of Maine. They received awards for best songwriting for both lyrics and music, as well as an award for best musical marketing.

The current Phlux: December '97 was the inception of the current Phlux lineup when drummer Greg "Stu" Angus joined the group. He had jammed in several garage bands before, but none of them had ever been serious. Greg's addition heralded further changes in style and technique. His recruitment brought punk, pop, and grunge influences and many of the new songs that Clint and Cody brought to the band were tailored to capitalize on those upbeat influences.

Phlux has continued to change with Greg as the new addition by adding a wide variety of songs and experimenting with various new styles like funk, hardcore, and "new metal." These changes have added to Phlux's diversity in live performance, allowing them to appeal to a broader fan base.

So far, songwriters Clint and Cody, have introduced thirty songs that they regularly perform at shows. With a couple hundred songs waiting in the wings to be polished for public performance, Phlux has a depth that is almost unheard of in a young band. Their new songs meld rock, pop, punk, blues, rap, and metal influences into a unique, diverse style for a melodic, recognizable sound.

"These boys can play, and are having fun doing it!"
      Kris Larson, Downeast Coastal Press

"PHLUX is a great local band made up of brothers Clint and Cody Phipps. These guys are GOOD!"
      Reid D. Albee, University of Maine at Machias Student Center Manager

"...the more they play, the better they sound!"
      Machias Valley News Observer

"It's obvious to anyone paying attention that PHLUX is no weekend band...[they are] committed to growing and making their mark..."
      Kris Larson, DCP

"PHLUX can play top 40 and alternative rock with ease, but can also provide audiences with a number of finely-tuned, hard-driving originals which were penned by Clint and Cody [Phipps]. Consequently, [it] ...always makes for a good show whenever they set up."

"These guys are the most ass-kickingest band I have ever heard! I actually had to get down on my knees and bow down before them several times during the performance - and I wasn't even drinking!!"
      Wayne Ritchie, Friends Lounge Barowner

"PHLUX has an incredible capacity for beer. Wait, PHLUX plays music? I thought they just held wild parties!!"
      Zach "Beer" Beane, Website Control

"PHLUX are actually an ancient secret Reich of the Ninja-Kudo armies. The killer American rock band is just a big cover up...They have practiced the art of disguise so well that you really can't tell the difference - those high eagle kicks really work well in the live PHLUX performance..."
      Kenjilka Onuuwabbe, Ninjitzsu High Preist & Honorable Guru of Shulu

"For those of you who weren't at the Old Port Tavern, we split the show with Phlux, an alternative rock band from Portland - Excellent Band! If you get the chance to check out one of their shows, do it!
      Mike Abbott, musician from Portland Band, eCue

"I feel a great disturbance in the force."

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You can reach Phlux at 207.774.5969 or by emailing booking@phlux.net. The snail-mail address is:

c/o Clint and Cody Phipps
75 Washburn Ave.
Portland, ME 04102

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